Car Parts, Maintenance and Car Repair

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Car Maintenance is an important issue that most of us overlook. Neglect in car-maintenance leads to a larger damage in due course, necessitating replacement of car parts and major car repairs. In this article we shall be discussing a few  maintenance tips for your engine. Due to the scorching heat this past month- its not just you who is feeling the heat,  but your vehicles too. This can be bad, because an uncomfortable vehicle can start to misbehave. If this happens on the highway, you are sure to be roasted in the heat.   With all of this hot weather, here are three maintenance tips that shall help keep your car healthy and road worthy.


  • For your radiator, always use a good quality coolant. Before commencing your journey, make sure to top up your radiator. Remember its very hot- and your car needs to cool down too.
  • Occasionally, flush your radiator to wash out the dust and other dirt. This helps to increase your radiator’s efficiency.


  • Make sure to change your engine oil as per the recommended schedule. Engine Oil helps to reduce the friction within the moving parts of your car engine, thus reducing the heat within. This also helps your engine to remain cool.
  • For your own comfort, remember to get your car a/c serviced too. This shall increase its efficiency, as well as provide you a ore comfortable ride.

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