Medieval Bassinet

Medieval Bassinet

 The bassinet  was a open faced military helmet in medieval Europe.Bassinet seemed like iron or steel skullcap with a more pointed apex to the skull.It extended downwards to rear and sides to offer protection for the neck.A aventail was attached to lower edge of the helmet to provide protection to throat, neck and shoulder.

The first reference of basinet being used by infantry has been recorded in year 1280 .It continued being evolved over time and as early as in 15th century it came to be known as great bascinet.Bassinet is believed to have evolved from iron skull cap called as cervelliere which was worn with mail coif to provide head protection .Bassinet has higher pointed skull as compared to cervelliere.

The basic design of earlier bassinet helmet was aimed to protect one’s face and skull from direct blow of weapons.Later forms of bassinet was meant to maximize the coverage area for protection.

Beside infantry, bassinet started being used for tournament purpose in later years.

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