Medieval Shield Armor

Medieval Shield Armor

A shield is type of armor which helps in intercepting attacks.The attacks from arrows,sword axe or similar weapon can be blockaded or redirected .

The size of the shield may vary from large panel protecting the user’s whole body to smaller models like buckler for hand to hand combat use.The thickness of the of the shields also varied from relatively deep , absorbent, wooden planks to protect shoulder from spears and crossbow to thinner version for deflecting blade strikes.

In era of earliest civilizations,shields were made  of wood,animal hide or reeds.During medieval ages ,shield were made from poplar or lime or timber.In few cases,leather or rawhide strengthened with metal was also used .Shapes of the shields varied depending upon the time and place like oval,square,round,rectangular or scalloped.The usage of the shields exist even in 21st century by various groups like police(during riots and for protection against bullet) and tribal folk of various region across the world.

The size of the shield also depended on personal preference and role.The lighter shields were most effective as it was easier to maneuver in a battle field.

The shield are also currently being  used for various industrial purposes.It has usage in audio , electronic and radiation based  industries.

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