PA-0044B-CM3, Camo, 4 Pc, Butcher Cleaver, Axe, Hunting Knife, Fixed Blade Knife

PA-0044B-CM3 is a 4 Pc set consisting of a Butcher Axe, 2 Hunting Knives and a Knife Sharpener. The Butchers axe or a Butcher’s Cleaver has a blunt edge, which can also be used to pound meat, as a Meat Tenderizer. Amongst Knife blades, it is a practical tactical gear for hunters and outfitters alike.

Our Page has 3 colors available- Black, Silver and Camo.

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Item SKU-PA-0044B-CM4, 4 Pc, Butcher Axe, Hunting Knife

Product Description-4 Pc Hunter’s Butcher Axe and Hunting Knife Kit-Forest Camo. All forest camo. Contains of 2 hunting knife, axe and knife sharpener. Comes w/ carrying case.

Manufacturer-Panther Trading

Brand-Panther Trading

Material Type-stainless steel blade


Classification– Knife Set

Warranty– All returns must, first be authorized, and then returned to us in its original packing, within 15 days of the date of purchase. We shall not authorize processing of any returns in cases where the damage to the items is as a result of wrong handling or the dead-line has been exceeded.

Payments-As per the marketplace policies. Paypal, and Credit Cards via Paypal, are accepted.

Disclaimer-It is the buyers responsibility to be cognizant of rules and regulations pertaining to the legality of purchasing or possessing an item or items from our e-store. As sellers, we bear no responsibility for any legality arising out of an online purchase, which shall wholly and solely be the buyer’s responsibility. Buyers are advised to read Market-Place Policies, with special attention given to Weapons, Firearms and knives section there-in. In compliance of the above, we shall not ship any item or items to any location where it/they is/are restricted by the state law.


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