14″ Jungle King Hunting Dagger – Ultimate Survival- w/Accessories
 14.5 inch overall length.
 Stainless steel handle with textured grip.
 Saw teeth on blade, razor sharp to the touch.
 Hard plastic sheath included with extra paracord.
 Complete outdoor survival kit included: Compass, rubber tube, matches, wire and more.
Hold in your hands the key to survival in the wild: the Jungle King survival knife. Includes a hard plastic sheath. SS blade with included saw teeth on the top.. Survival Kit includes a compass amongst a huge spread of other survival essentials one would need if they where ever without food and shelter in the wild. (A second knife is also included featuring a screwdriver head, a wrench groove and even a bottle opener!) Included on the box is a detailed instructional diagram showcasing how to use each item featured in this knife.


ClassificationSurvival Knives

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