Avon Launches Redesigned Ecommerce Site

Posted: October 10, 2014

Avon launched its redesigned website, www.avon.com, what it calls a critical component of its digital strategy designed to enhance the social selling experience for Avon Representatives and the shopping experience for consumers.

In addition to an improved representative experience, the new site experience is designed to improve consumer access to the brand, whether a consumer prefers to shop through their representative’s eStore or directly through Avon.com. Additionally, tools such as a “Find a Representative” locator and a Facebook sign-in makes the shopping experience fast and easy. To help educate and engage consumers, the new site provides rich content, tips from Avon experts, how-to videos, a virtual makeover tool, and ratings and reviews.

The launch will be promoted through a multipronged digital media campaign, developed in collaboration with award-winning digital media agency iCrossing. The campaign is an extension of the Avon “You Make It Beautiful” campaign, and focuses on how consumers interact with the brand. The campaign will feature the launch of ANEW Vitale, as well as a content series featuring young women who personify the Avon brand and its commitment to beauty, innovation and empowerment.

Avon had also announced its plans to enter the Brazilian e-commerce space with its makeup range Luxe. Launched in July 2014 with a strong marketing campaign, the new line is targeted at a high-end market, according to Sheri McCoy, CEO of Avon. Online sales have been a long-term aspiration of Avon, but the multinational was reluctant to enter the market for fear of creating competition for its representatives.

Before being launched in Brazil, Avon’s largest market, Luxe has been tested in other countries—notably Russia and the U.K. The new line comes on the heels of a revamp of Avon’s makeup line to “meet the demand of local consumers for new products,” says McCoy. All other items will continue to be sold exclusively through Avon representatives.



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