Solar Micro-inverter, Power Optimizer Market Forecast

Solar Micro-inverter, Power Optimizer Market Forecast

The global market for PV solar micro-inverters and power optimizers ( also called PCU),  is predicted to triple by 2018. Market revenue for solar micro-inverters and PCU’s, also called module-level power electronics is likely to touch $1.1 billion in 2018, up from $329 million in 2013.

Micro-inverters are small inverters which connect to each PV Panel, converting the DC to AC current. Although they are more expensive, micro-inverters are said to be capable of harvesting up to 25 percent more electricity than central inverters.

“Demand for MLPE has been driven by key markets in the New world countries like USA, UK, and Australia. Future demand for micro-inverters and power optimizers is expected to be spurred by continued acceptance in mature European PV markets, such as Germany and France. Some of the major Asian markets, like Japan and China, will generate huge opportunity in the next few years as MLPE technology begins to penetrate these markets in larger volumes.

These findings can be found in the report, “PV Micro-inverters and Power Optimizer- 2014,” from the Solar service of IHS Technology.

The United States is the largest consumer of micro-inverters- with residential systems representing some of the largest markets.

Although Enphase and SolarEdge continue to be the leaders in the micro-inverter and power optimizer market, this has not stopped new suppliers from entering the space. For example, leading inverter suppliers, such as Kaco and Delta, have released new micro-inverter models recently as they continue to expand and diversify their inverter portfolio.

“Traditional inverter suppliers have been cautious to date in entering the micro-inverter market. But as the market has matured, an increasing number have moved in by acquiring a pure-play micro-inverter supplier or by designing in-house,” Gilligan said.

As a result of new micro-inverter and power optimizer suppliers entering the market and existing suppliers entering new markets, revenues of MLPE are forecast to increase 28 percent per year to reach more than $1.1 billion in 2018. This represents a huge opportunity for new and existing suppliers alike to grow their business, with the market likely to attract new players in the next few years.

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