Cheaper Silicon to reduce solar energy costs drastically-pv magazine

Cheaper Silicon to reduce solar energy costs drastically-pv magazine

The following news figured in the PV Magazine concerning Photo Voltaic Electricity and Solar Energy.

Its pretty interesting to note that PV grade silicon prices have seen a downward swing thereby directly impacting solar generator costs.

This week’s weekly news digest is all about the solar sale; prices have been slashed in the grand solar giveaway.

U.S. polysilicon maker SunEdison, will be able to manufacture poly-silicon for less than $6/kg – $2/kg less than its most bargain basement rivals – thanks to a $2 billion factory being set up in China, and maybe also in Saudi Arabia. 

SunEdison president Ahmad Chatila discussed the possibility of opening a Chinese plant that would churn out 20,000-30,000 MT (metric tonnes) of poly-silicon every year using the company’s revolutionary “fluidized bed reactor technology” .

As per a report published by the U.S. Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory and the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, the price of solar pv panels fell between 12% and 19% last year and is set to have fallen a further 3% to 19% this year. The downward trend is predicted to continue.

LDK update

At least investors in LDK Solar, or, to give it its correct PV media title, ‘debt-saddled LDK Solar’, had some bright news concerning the company’s planned restructuring. Holders of senior notes in the Chinese manufacturer which were supposed to pay out this year voted ‘overwhelmingly’ to back a proposed restructuring of the former leading light of Chinese solar, although the alternatives weren’t specified by the LDK press releases announcing the various provisional liquidation and Chapter 11 bankruptcy developments.

With the Grand Court of the Cayman Islands set to mull the restructuring plans on November 6, simultaneously with the Hong Kong High Court on November 7 for the international-timeline-straddling company, and with the U.S. Bankruptcy Court of the District of Delaware set to give its two penn’orth on November 21, at least LDK’s lawyers and provisional liquidators can look forward to the festive season with some relish.

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