Solar Tree- An innovation from Israel

Solar Tree- An innovation from Israel

Solar Tree

Solar Tree has figured as an interesting Innovation from Israel. In a unique development, Sologic engineers in Israel have developed something called a solar tree. Also called the eTree, its a multi-purpose invention, capable of generating PV electricity, as well as providing shade (just like a tree),  free WiFi service, kiosks for charging electronic devices, while also providing the functionality of a computer.

Designed by Israeli artist Yoav Ben-Dov, it resembles a tree with solar panels installed in a fashion that they look like the foliage. The tree was displayed at the HaNadiv Gardens near Zikhron Ya’akov. It is said to be capable of generating around 7 kWH of electricity per day.

The company’s website further states that the eTree aims to provide a number of benefits, e.g. shaded space, night lighting etc. The creators of the eTree intend to scale up its production and install at various public places in both the rural and urban areas. Its low maintenance cost and ability to provide electricity, due to a batter back up (possibly) round the clock, this solar tree could be of immense significance in parks, cultural centers, bus stops and along the hiking trails.

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