Solar Energy Storage Battery Banks for UK PV systems

Solar Energy Storage Battery Banks for UK PV systems

Solar Energy UK

Solar Energy PV systems using battery banks for storage seem to be ready to take off in UK. 

Solar Energy UK 2014 included a number of new PV storage products. Sharp and ABB are some of the international players in solar looking at launching energy storage products in the UK in 2015, with an emphasis on the residential market.

Battery-Banks are used for storage of energy in combination with PV systems, integrated using an inverter.

Bosch is expecting to have its latest Solar inverters, certified under G83 and G59 standards by February.  Bosch’s products are likely to be modular. According to the company it can allow a PV system owner to use around 80% of the generated electricity, increasing independence from grid supply.

Meanwhile, even smaller companies like Solutronic are also preparing to hit the UK market. The company’s managing director Reinhard Lenz told PV Tech at the show that it is targeting a Q1 2015 launch for its range. Solutronic’s products provide modular systems from 3.1kWh of storage up to 12.4kWh, providing lithium-iron phosphate battery-based storage.

Sharp technical officer Jens Mayer told PV Tech his company’s storage product uses lithium manganese spinel batteries provided by Samsung. The company was showing a range of products aimed at the residential solar market in the UK, including a ‘no money down’ finance option scheme for installers and related technologies such as LED lighting. However, the storage unit took pride of place and according to Mayer and Sharp’s general manager for solar Andrew Lee, was the main focus of the company’s offerings at the show this year.

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