Alternative Energy Sources- Necessity to Survive

Alternative Energy Sources- Necessity to Survive

Man has always been seeking to develop viable technologies to harvest energy from Alternative Energy Sources ( Renewable, Natural Sources). With every passing day, the urgency increases- as the stocks of fossil fuels diminish, not to mention the ecological implications and the carbon foot print that is left behind.

There has been a revolution in the Photo Voltaic Panel Technology and today it is possible to harness Solar Energy very economically. It is good news for those who live in far fetched and remote areas, where power from the grid is not available. Solar PV technology provides some great options for farmers too. Substituting diesel with solar power in irrigation sets, can bring down the irrigation cost immensely. Stand alone solar power generators provide a good option in remote sites, where power is not available.

Many states in India have recently instituted the NET METERING concept, where in, a consumer producing PV electricity, can sell it to the Power Corporation, should he be producing any excess solar electricity. The Net metering means that he would be charged on the NET USAGE, i.e. the difference between what he received and that he supplied.

Even countries like China are cutting down on coal and fossil fuels. According to data published by the China Coal Resource (and translated by the Greenpeace Energydesk), China’s coal use has dropped this year by 1.28%, a downward trend started in the second quarter of 2014 and continued in the third. More recently, coal production levels dropped 21.97 million tonnes in September, a fall of 7%. According to the Greenpeace Energydesk, the cause of the sudden recent drop is thanks to “slow power demand growth and large hydropower additions.”

The concept of green energy is catching up all around the world.  I guess, its time that mankind wakes up to undo the damage he has caused unto Mother Nature, willfully or un-willfully. Mother Nature has her ways of coming back and lets not push her to that point of no return, where her fury is unleashed.


Open cut coal mine Hunter ValleyImage Credit: Beyond Coal and Gas

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