Solar Energy for rural Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand

Solar Energy for rural Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand

This post is specifically written to target the rural youth of Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand, with an aim to make them a messenger of sunshine for their respective villages or geo-locations.

As per Energypedia, RURAL POWER /ELECTRIFICATION in Uttarakhand suffers from the following lacuna primarily resulting from difficult mountain terrain and sparse populations..

As a result, we have a pre-dominant numbers of households still struggling with basic power problems. Wood is used for fuel, but at an environmental cost. Remember, it is a fossil fuel. It leaves a carbon foot print. It damages our environment and the eco-system. Over exploitation of this forest resource has lead to large scale deforestation and hence erosion.


Uttar Pradesh has a different set of problems, due to its geography, political ill-will and mal-administration. We have come across many villages where you barely get electricity.


Its like the dark ages. The irony is that we speak of rural empowerment by learning and rural self-sufficiency, while the basic necessity of power and electricity is not being delivered to rural homes.

Fortunately some very simple solutions exist.

Solar Energy has seen a revolution in terms of costs and efficacy.  It is sustainable, renewable and we shall never run out of it. The creation of solar electricity uses photo-voltaic technology, which requires little maintenance. It is absolutely green energy, without any pollution. It is noiseless.

There have been advancements in solar panel technology, which has resulted in better technology at a cheaper cost.

Harnessing Solar energy in a de-centralized way, i.e. each household has its own solar generation offers a novel, yet a cost effective way for rural electrification.

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