Roof Top Solar Power Systems for Rural Homes

Roof top Solar Power Systems, on individual homes, using Photo Voltaic Technology are the answer to power outages in the rural Uttar Pradesh, where the dark ages still prevail literally.

Electricity for homes is said to be an essential commodity. Essential, because our development, be it, individual, family, or social, depends on it. All electrical devices, which facilitate our tasks require electricity. Be it the household chores or else, commercial, life without electricity is not imaginable.

Unfortunately, in India, we are still struggling to be power-sufficient. Transmission is faulty. Power theft is rampant. Oil Prices are rising. Coal is getting expensive. The net result  is power shortage  and consequent power cuts, more in the rural areas than in urban. The scapegoats are the far flung villages in the outback, where power cuts can be for a couple of days.

Off Grid Solar Power using Home Solar Power Systems is an excellent method to facilitate rural electrification, specially for the villages in the outback. Not only it can generate cheaper electricity, –it is also pollution free.

Over the last few years, Solar PV technology has seen a revolution in terms of quality and cost. Prices have fallen about 60%-70% in the last 4 to 6 years. Efficiency of Solar PV Panels has increased. The Battery technology has evolved, so storage of electricity for backup has become simpler.

So, what is a Roof Top Solar Power System ?

When the PV Panels ( or solar tiles)  are spread on the roof-top to generate electricity by harnessing SOLAR LIGHT ENERGY the system so constituted is called a ROOF TOP SOLAR SYSTEM. Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE), Government of India is promoting off-grid solar PV systems ( when not connected to the grid, also called OFF GRID SOLAR POWER SYSTEM) under the Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission.

Does it really make sense to install a solar PV system ?

Yes, of course. Solar Power is absolutely free, after the initial pay-back period. The only re-occurring cost is that of batteries, which is negligible, when compared to the cost levied by the power corporation, or else the diesel fuel cost (used in Diesel generators). With Solar Power, you also help to save the environment, because the power so generated is totally pollution free- NO SMOKE, NO SOUND. NO CARBON EMISSIONS.

What should be the size of my solar power system ?

Sizing a solar power system is an important exercise. It will depend on the load requirements. The connected load of your setup, the peak load etc. will help determine the size of system. Next, the load carrying capacity of the roof needs to be ascertained (where the solar panels are to be installed). Solar Panel structure typically weight 18 to 22 kg per sq meter and the roof should be able to handle the load.

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