Nu Skin Reports Q3 2014 Decline

Posted: November 11, 2014

Nu Skin Enterprises Inc. (NYSE: NUS) today announced third-quarter results with revenue of $638.8 million, the top end of the company’s prior guidance and a 30% decline from the prior-year period.

Revenue for the third quarter of 2014 was negatively impacted 3% by foreign currency fluctuations. Earnings per share for the quarter were $1.12, ahead of expectations, versus $1.80 in the prior-year period. According to the company, the product launch schedule heavily impacted the sales results in Q3 2014. Comparable revenue in the third quarter of 2013 included $203 million in sales from the company’s limited-time introduction of its ageLOC TR90 weight management system.

The company experiences greater regional losses in Greater China and South Asia/Pacific due largely to greater limited-time offer (LTO) sales in Q3 2013. The third quarter saw minimal increases in North Asia and South Korea due to local-currency revenue growthsaw a decline in local-currency revenue.

Currency fluctuations in the Americas region offset 19% local-currency growth, with reported revenue in the Americas declining 10 percent to $76.7 million, compared to $84.8 million in the prior-year period. Revenue in the EMEA region was $40.9 million, an 8% decline from the prior-year period.

The company recently completed a refinancing of its debt facilities, improving the company’s financial flexibility. Cash flow from operations for the quarter was $33.6 million, including the effect of a tax payment of $49.2 million related to 2013 income.

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