Ebay Weapons Policy Query-Listing Police Stick under Collectibles

We are new to selling on ebay. We grow various species of bamboo, including IRON BAMBOO- which we use for our craft works. Primarily, into wholesale, we have recently started selling on ebay (USA and Canada)

Recently, some of our listings were removed by ebay, on the pretext that it is against their weapons policy.

I browsed through Firearms/Weapons Policy at

https://pages.ebay.com/help/policies/firearms-weapons-knives.html (USA)


https://pages.ebay.ca/help/policies/firearms-weapons-knives.! html (Canada)

I am still not sure why our handcrafted wooden sticks were removed, whereas I see so many offers of similar products on ebay ?


A farmer’s blog on Bamboo Agro-Forestry http://bamboowoodcraft.com


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