Z-1029-BK, Throwing Axe, Tomahawk, Tactical Hawk, outfitters, weapons

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P-15930, Kubotan, Keychain, tactical gear, martial arts, Kubaton, weapon

P-15930, Kubaton, Keychain


P-15930. State Of The Art Kubaton Keychain

The Kubotan (also spelled as – Kubaton or Kobutan) is an weapon for self-defense, developed by Takayuki Kubota. It is basically a derivation of the yawara stick, measuring about 5 inches in length and about 0.56 inch at its cross-section. Attached with a key-ring for concealment, the Kubotan appears as an ordinary and innocuous key fob. Despite the disguise and its usage as a key-chain, it is considered an illegal weapon in certain states/territories/jurisdictions.

Target areas for attacks include nerve, muscle and bone targets. Held in either an icepick grip or forward grip, it is employed as an impact weapon, targeting the sensitive nerve points, so as to inflict pain. With keys attached, it can also function as a flailing weapon.

In the United States, there are legal restrictions on Kubotans as carry-on items for air travelers. Spiked Kubotan are listed as offensive weapons on the British government’s crime prevention website. In April 2010 actor and entertainer, Darren Day, was found guilty of possessing an offensive weapon (a Kubotan-style keyring) by a Scottish court in Edinburgh.

The Kubotan is a hard high-impact plastic or a metal rod, with six round grooves for added grip and a screw eye with a split ring attached to one end for keys. There are many other variations ranging from aluminum alloy to spiked, pointed, tapered ones to more offensive looking "ninja" models.

The term, “Pocket stick” is used to classify the genre of  hand-held rod-shaped weapons, including the Kubotan.

The name ‘Kubotan’ is a combination (portmanteau) of "Kubota" and "baton".

Item SKU-P-15930, Kubaton, Keychain

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HATE, Brass Knuckles, Knuckle Duster, Knucks, Belt Buckle, Screw Out Pin, tactical gear, martial arts, weapons

The “HATE” belt buckles are knuckles shaped belt buckles, with a screw-out pin. Historically, man has had a fancy for any equipment and weapons which were handy in close combat. Brass Knuckles are one of such tactical gear. Brass knuckles are weapons consisting of a metal reinforcement for the clenched fist, with finger holes/slots molded in [synonyms-knuckles, knucks, brass knucks, knuckle dusters]. Knucks are excellent tactical gear for close combat and hand-to-hand fights. Brass knuckles [normally made in stainless steel] are designed to fit around the knuckles, with fingers protected by slots. The design of the weapon is such that it preserves and concentrates the force of a punch toward a harder and smaller [outer] contact area, while at the same time protecting the fingers from getting bruised, since they are coiled up inside the slots. The tactical design enables the counterforce to be spread on a larger surface are of the fist, rather than the fingers. However, these weapons re illegal in most states.
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1-BK. Black Hate Belt Buckle/Paper Weight Heavy Duty Knuckle

1-GD. Black Hate Belt Buckle Paper Weight Heavy Duty Knuckle

1-SL. Silver Hate Belt Buckles Paper Weights Heavy Duty Knuckle

Black/Dark grey Belt Buckle/Papper Weight are made very well and these are heavy duty belt buckles. These come blister Packed with a Strong Screw to handle any type of belt. This item is sold only as a belt buckle or a Paper Weight.

Weight 6.5 oz.

Material Type-stainless steel

Color-see variations- silver, black and gold

Classification-knuckles, knucks, brass knucks, knuckledusters

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Z-1029-BK, Throwing Axe, Tomahawk, Tactical Hawk, outfitters, weapons, tactical gear

Z-1029-BK, Throwing Axe, Tomahawk, Tactical Hawk, outfitters, weapons, tactical gear- Tomahawk, also alluded to, as a tactical Hawk is the perfect tactical gear for outdoors. A must in the inventory of Camping equipment. It is a Medieval  weapons which the early man used for self protection as well as cutting wood. Ideal for the outfitters who prefer well designed tactical outdoor gear to cope with the jungle environment. It is a multi purpose weapon as well as a tool- be it personal defense, personal protection, self protection or chopping tree limbs.

Other Info– The modern tomahawk shaft is less than 2 ft. The heads weigh around 260–570 g. The cutting edge is about 10 cm. The poll sometimes, feature a small hammer or a spike, They usually do not have lugs.

Medieval Tomahawks sometimes had a pipe-bowl carved into the poll, and a hole drilled down the center of the shaft for smoking tobacco. Replicated in metal, by the erstwhile Europeans in America, the Pipe tomahawks are unique artifacts today. Pipe Tomahawks were created by Europeans as trade objects but often exchanged as diplomatic gifts. The design was symbolic of the dilemma Europeans and Indians faced whenever they met: the pipe of peace, and axe of war, being the 2 ends of the unique item.

Item SKUZ-1029-BK, 14 inches, Throwing Axe, Ribbed Handle, Black

Product Description-This is a 14″ long throwing axe with blade measuring 7.5″. Has a unique ribbed handle design and comes with a fancy nylon case. Made of 1045 Surgical Steel. Black color.

Material Type-stainless steel blade, with a nylon case


Size-14″ long , 7.5 inches blade

Classification-Tactical Hawk, Throwing Axe, Hatchet, Tomahawk

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Cross Bows Archery, A brief History



Cross Bow Hunting is a popular sport in US. It involves the use of the cross bows.

Cross Bow is made up of the bow and bolts. The bow is located on a stock. The bolts are the projectiles that are shot from the unit.

Cross bow hunting and the cross bows date back to the 5th century BC. The Greek historian Diodorus Siculus has alluded to a crossbow in some of his works. Some argue that it was in use in the 3rd century BC. There are references of cross bows in historical works on the Roman Empire.

The medieval period is when the cross bows started to look like what we see today.  It continued to be used as the weapon of choice among the armies of the medieval period.

There is evidence of existence of cross bows in Ancient China too. Archaeologists have discovered some ancient versions throughout China. Terracotta Army was probably using the cross bows extensively. The Chinese innovated the cross bows by automating the loading procedure, during the Han Dynasty.

Some claim that the weapon actually originated in China. Cross Bows were specifically used for hunting in China.

The cross bows technology was probably brought to the Americas by African slaves.

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Knives, Tactical Folding blades for self defense, collectibles


Knives are some of the oldest known tools to man. Historically, knives have been the most important survival tool, both, on an individual level,  to the cave-man, as well as a collective level, since many civilizations perished during the ancient wars, fought primarily with blades, knives and swords.

The earliest forms and designs of knives were developed out of necessity. The evolution can be traced through the paths of history and technology. With a history as old as the man himself, it’s no wonder why people are so enthusiastic about collectible knives, specially the smaller ones, which are legal, as well as safe to carry, e.g. Pocket-Knives and Folding-Knives.

The first known knives were made out of flint and stone, during the Stone Age. When metals were discovered by mankind, and advancement in metallurgy, knives started to appear in new materials including bronze, copper, and the iron.

Mankind holds a special bond with Knives. All along the annals of history, knives have been decorated with contemporary designs. Thus Knife making became a specialized profession.

One of the most versatile designs of knives is the Folding Knife, also called the Pocket Knife. Due to their compactness, they are very popular. The pocket knife also holds a lot of nostalgia, since many are passed down from one generation to the other, as a mark of family honour. Many collectors today collect these vintage knives as Collectibles.

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